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Happy Back Solution


A particular sequence to discharge tension, pain and stiffness from back, neck and joint in just Thirty minutes practice.
Israel 10.-11. November 2016, Germany 20.-21. January 2017

During the last 12 years working together with people, low back pain is among the most common suffering of our participants.

To get help most of the people go with a massage, an irritation killer plus extreme cases a trial.
Unfortunately these are helping simply for a short while, usually do not treat the foundation from the problem and don't offer a long term solution.
Busy daily life is developing a great deal of tension. The sense that is �sitting on the shoulders� as well as the mental stress, leads to a physical contraction that produces compression in the spine and the joints.
Spinal compression cuts down on spaces between the vertebrae causing pressure around the nerves that causes low back pain.
Many people spend our day sitting or standing for several hours, often within a wrong posture. The effect: stiffness and pain.
 Quick start
With this workshop you will understand the best way to:
- release the pain by making more space between the vertebra, releasing the pressure for the nerves.

- stimulate the flow of fluids and blood in joints and spine.

- strengthen the pliability of tendons, ligaments and muscles which might be holding the spine and joints within the right place.


- relax the peripheral central nervous system and enable deep discharge of tension, pain and stiffness.

You'll acquire every detail with the sequence, in order that you be able to practice independently in the home.
So that you can integrate the succession easily with your routine, the space is just 20-30 minutes. By incorporating times a week practice it will be possible to achieve good results and regular practice will help you solve the situation once and for all.

Post by stiffness55 (2016-08-24 12:50)

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